About SWS


SWS is a service consulting company specialized in QHSE management (Quality Health and Safety and Environment) which is assisting our clients through HSE, enabling operations to operate more intelligently/productively and have a higher tolerable ratio. This realized by merging knowledge and Expertise for direct application in workplace.

SWS tend to provide to our strategic partners a comprehensive consultancy services using network of highly professional and specialized experts who Poe the competence of delivering customized HSE plans and solutions with minimum burden to the personal informative and interactive training programs that elevated and secure a long term health and safety level as per the international and local standards.

SWS add value to value through having Third Party inspection and Audit activities for all operating machinery/equipment and field test, adhering to international regulations and technical specifications delivered by highly qualified and trained engineers, to keep our client’s workplace safe and secure.

Training, Consultancy and Third-Party inspection

and Certification activities make SWS the ideal place to enhance


the potential of any organization’s staff and employees to get maximum values.